Science is the child of wonder. Wonder is the fertile soil that birthed both spirituality and science. Science may be misconstrued as being something rigid and narrow. Indeed, all belief is a rigid and narrow mentality, for it is belief that says, “I know what is true without reason, without evidence, and nothing will ever change my mind.”

Science is one of the rare methods of observation that begins with the Socratic “I know nothing” and directly observes the universe, records what it finds, tests its hypothesis and forms theories, and changes to conform to reality when it receives new information.

One might say that relying on a method that observes the universe based on we can measure and repeat is simply a belief, sure, because the picture is always growing and changing. How much more so, then, must we be skeptical of beliefs that cannot be demonstrated in any way, which arise out of the darkness of ignorance and emotion to fill the gap between what we theorize to be true and what we know to be false.

It is the “god of the gaps” that makes us feel secure in our beliefs because we have no other explanation for something. Every day the god of the gaps grows smaller and smaller as humans make discoveries with science. This does not mean we should take the wonder and magic out of life. If anything, it should be all the more amazing that the cosmos is what it is, and we should embrace our spirituality and engage our religious proclivities.

We will always be ignorant of many things, we will always access new vistas of knowledge, and we will always seek further enlightenment. This is the promise of science and spirituality. I wish for all an eagerness to learn more about logic, critical thinking, science, universal human rights and meditation.

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