Abbot’s Letters

Zen Practice

There is a scientific reason why I, as the "Science Abbot" am training in Soto Zen. Buddhism is rightly classified as a religion, and Soto Zen falls under the umbrella of Mahayana Buddhism, definitely exhibiting all the trappings of religion. However, many leading Soto Zen teachers dismiss superstitious or philosophical aspects of Buddhism’s history as … Continue reading Zen Practice

Becoming the Science Abbot

I am not a scientist, but I can be a science popularizer. Scientists are writing papers that nobody reads. Information has to be marketed in a form that people understand so it reaches a larger audience. I have done a lot of research for my own edification. The first scientist I knew was my father. … Continue reading Becoming the Science Abbot

Sitting With Zen Monastics

I have been spending the last several months absorbed in learning the Soto Zen tradition from an online community of Soto Zen Buddhists. The sangha (community) meets for half hour zazen (sitting meditation) every day, with special 90 minute sessions called Zazenkai on Saturdays and a four hour Zazenkai on the first Saturday of each month. I have … Continue reading Sitting With Zen Monastics

A Rule for the Scientific Community

Just as The Rule of Saint Benedict and Dogen's Rule for the Zen Community were adapted from existing rules, so is the Rule of the Order of Science written as an adaptation of existing rules. Today we have many more rules to benchmark, and our tradition has the singular benefit of the light of science … Continue reading A Rule for the Scientific Community

Introducing a Scientific Rule

Hello, friends, I will be right up front and tell you that this blog is going to be a little different. There will be times when I am researching and writing furiously in order to finish a project or a number of projects. During this period, I will be secluded in my abbot's cell here … Continue reading Introducing a Scientific Rule